Tiverton Fly Fishing Association

AGM 20th February 2024







Members present:

J Dawson Chairman, A Howell Secretary, I Bruce Treasurer, F Leach, P Owen Membership Secretary, M Werrett, A Deighton-Gibson,


Minutes from previous meeting:

Read and agreed. FL/ADG


Chairman’s Report:

Last year the fishing was poor, although it was good to see an increase in the numbers of Grayling and Dace. The evening at Heathcoat Cricket Club was well received with a demonstration of fishing equipment from Snowbee. Two events were held to encourage new members. A protocol for safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults with links to the Angling Trust policies will be added to our website.


Secretary’s Report:

Removal of fish from the factory leat this year caused great controversy involving the EA and Angling Trust. It would appear that the fish were removed from the factory leat without regard to current legislation. The whereabouts of the fish is unknown, presumed returned to the Exe, although Heathcoats deny removing them. Photographic evidence submitted to Fish Legal proved otherwise. A submission for a grant from the EA has been submitted requesting £5000 for bank and vegetation improvements. The Club Deeds are in the process of registration with the Land Registry.


Junior Secretary’s Report:

ADG has retired from Junior recruitment and he was thanked for his work over the previous years.

It was decided to link the Junior section with the RETA Junior Day and allow attendees to join the club. A program of education to be devised by Fred and Adrian.


Treasurer’s Report:

Circulated and agreed. AH/MW

The treasurer after many years faithful service has resigned and was thanked by the Chairman and all present. In recognition of his service, he was offered Life Membership to the Club.


Membership Secretary report:

Online membership has grown considerably this year and the present club membership is currently in the 60’s and should improve as the season progresses. Looking over the last 10 years, membership is improving year on year and is looking promising for the future.


Invertebrate Report:

May was good throughout the river, July not quite so good and Sept slightly lower than usual. Overall looking at previous years there is no decline or improvement, although constant high water meant that some reporting teams were unable to survey.


Election of Officers:

Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Junior Secretary, Bailiff:

Chair, Secretary, Membership Secretary all re-elected. Proposed AR/RJ

Paul Owen to be Membership Secretary/Treasurer FL/AH

Voluntary bailiff ADG

Junior Secretary combined with Fred Leach and RETA Junior Program


Election of Committee:

Officers elected to Committee plus MW, ADG, FL. Proposed by AR/JD



A proposed increase in membership fees for OAPs of £10 was put to the room by ADG, seconded by AH and which was agreed by majority vote.

The Secretary proposed that rules 3 and 4 of the Club should be changed to “all fish to be returned and that barbless hooks are to be used at all times ( excluding escaped Rainbows)”. Seconded by JD.


Date of Next Meeting: tbc

End of Business


End of Business

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