Tiverton Fly Fishing Association

AGM 21 February 2023





A Deighton-Gibson, P Higgins, D Singh


Members present:

J Dawson, A Howell, I Bruce, F Leach, P Owen, M Werrit, A Riddle


Minutes from previous meeting:

Read and agreed. AH/IB


Chairman’s Report:

The area at Mid Devon Show is available free of charge.

Another open day at Morrisons to be arranged.

A discussion on opening up the Club to more members and inviting Simon Kyd to give a demonstration of casting and fishing equipment available from Snowbee on 17 April. Agreed PO/FL


Secretary’s Report:

The situation with wild swimming at Morrisons has been dealt with by Fish Legal and MDDC made aware of its responsibilities and liabilities.

The up and coming Friends of the River Exe group is being careful monitored.

The Tiverton Hydro Scheme is still rumbling under the surface at MDDC. The change of Council administration may see this being brought to the fore again.

Liaison with local PCSOs regarding the checking of fishing licenses and reporting of poachers to be further developed.

Land Registry not yet submitted, despite numerous attempts to encourage Pugsley’s solicitors to get this done ASAP.

The Secretary has contacted Ken White’s Signs and TFFA Private Fishing signs were being manufactured and AH to install.

John proposed a vote of thanks to the Secretary for his continued dedication and hard work.



Junior Secretary’s Report:


Treasurer’s Report:

Circulated and agreed. JD/PL


 Membership Secretary report:

Following the success of the Open Day and the Mid Devon Show, membership has increased with 5 new members.

The website is continuing to develop and we are looking to soon add professionals prepared maps of our Beats, supported by drone footage.

The mentoring scheme due to the adverse weather conditions proved difficult to develop and has not moved forward.



Election of Officers: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Junior Secretary, Bailiff:

Everyone re-elected except no bailiff in place. MW/AR/JD/AH


Election of Committee

All re-elected. Mw/AR/JD/AH


Invertebrate Report:

Good early reports, unfortunately enthusiasm amongst surveyors is waining and a new wave of recruitment with a new training course is in the pipeline.



J Dawson suggested social meetings during the winter and bringing in speakers, suggesting evenings at venues such as Knightshayes Cricket Pavilion.

Fees were agreed to remain with no increase.

A discussion around whether the mentor idea could be downsized.


Date of Next Meeting: 20 Feb 2024


End of Business

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