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Corona Virus update


Members are allowed to fish according to government guidelines and within the seasons of the river.






The AGM will not take place as normal due to the COVID restrictions. Please watch this space for more information.  19/02/2021




Many of you will be aware thet Bob has decided to stand down as Chairman. We are very grateful for all the work he has done on the committee for many years and his knowledge of the river has been invaluable. Naturally we will need to find a successor and if you know of anyone who might like to take on this role please let Adrian know . Once the AGM date is finalised we can proceed with the election of officers.  



Hydro Scheme.


For more details follow this link to MDDC  


The Hydro scheme has caused great concern and there are over 120 objections and concerns. Adrian has contacted the Fish legal team, who are acting for TFFA. Others informed and asked for assistance are the British canoe society, the Ted Hughes society, the Crediton Fly Fishing club, Dulverton Anglers, Devon Archeological dept., Dorchester Fly club, Upper Culm. Fly club, the Fly fishing club, Mayfair, Launceston Fly Fishing club and individuals, too numerous to mention ,who have all lent support.

The bottom line is, of course, that Mid Devon District Council, have nothing to show for their attempt to become Carbon Neutral by 2030, apart from this. There is only an estimated power output for the scheme, based on 12 months, continual operation but based on the Beasley mill hydro at Dulverton, operation seems to be around 3 months, at most. It is well known this is just an expensive project, costing £2,000,000. Recent council meetings have stunned all by announcing that it will cost £289,000,000 per year to achieve carbon neutrality, in Mid Devon! The unveiling of the new council plan still states that renewables should come from wind and solar and is available to view, you can have your say on the plan, either way, just look up MDDC website and select New local plan.

There should be an announcement from the planning department this soon.

Thanks to all that have contributed on TFFAs behalf.







































 Volunteer Bailiff scheme.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Bailiff please go to home page for more details





Flood schemes affecting TFFA.



Following the discussion re the flood prevention schemes herewith a link for more information. Follow the link.