Fly Fishing Association


The junior section is in its infancy but there is a lot of potential for development. The Junior secretary Ali Deighton Gibson is an Angling Trust Level two coach .He is licenced to coach young people and has all the DBS, first aid, and safeguarding children qualifications. Whatever your age we advise you to fish with a friend and if you are under 15 you should be accompanied by an adult.


How much does it cost?


Annual membership is £5.  You will also need an Environment agency rod licence.This can be obtained in 3 ways.



Do I need tackle?


Not to start with. Ali can provide appropriate tackle to get you going but once you are up and casting you would be advised to start getting some tackle of your own.


How do I join?


Either go to Exe Valley Angling and fill out a form or contact  Ali Deighton Gibson on  01884 243923  [email protected]


Where can I fish?


Please go to the BEATS page.


What is the age limit?


Under 18 on 1st April each year